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Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
H.P. (Woodbridge, US)
Perfect for fathers!

As you know, many men's restrooms don't have changing tables. At most, it'll have a sink but even then I am uncomfortable placing a changing pad there for sanitary reasons. Luckily I had my chikiroo with me. Adjusting was easy and changing my baby wasn't an issue. It's a must have for those just I'm case situations!

Hey Chikiroo dad! Thank you so much for the review and showing us the lack of public changing tables typical in men's restrooms. We are glad you have your Chikiroo with you to change your precious baby. Thanks for the cute pic! Love it! ❤️

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Essence Terry (Schertz, US)
Definition of Convenience!

I recently reached out to Chikiroo with interest in their product and a partnership!

Let me tell you it came so swiftly! I got it today and was so excited to try it! We personally do a ton of zoo trips and even have a flight coming up. I watched allllll the videos and had an idea of the quality but when it got here I was happily surprised.

It’s very sturdy with a good harness to keep baby from falling. The back support is good(I have an umbilical hernia and a separation from my pregnancies) and the neck piece even has a little cushion so babies’ weight is nicely distributed.

The material is easily cleaned and not at all abrasive and the whole thing folds up nicely for convenience.

The whole thing is just the definition of convenience! I’m a regular mom. I’ve changed my babies on changing tables, on the bed, on the front seat in a parking lot and many more random places. I’m so happy to have a clean, safe, spot to change my girls anywhere we go.

All in all I definitely give it a 10/10.

Adding also, my husband wasn’t sure he was going to be able to use it and actually find it useful. HE LOVES IT! There’s simply not enough safe changing areas in men’s restrooms and this is absolutely a game changer!

Wow, awesome! Thank you so much for your review and kind words! We're so glad it reached you quickly and you guys find it useful and convenient! Thank you again ❤️

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Monica Duncan (Falls Church, US)

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Bekah Parzych (Orlando, US)
Great for medically complex babies!!

Love this product for my daughter! She is battling Congenital Heart Disease and this product is so helpful when we are out in public places. Instead of nasty germy changing tables, this is her own! It’s lightweight, fits perfectly in our diaper bag, and by far my favorite baby product!!

Life saver

We were in Disneyland and waiting in line for 30 minutes, I needed to change my baby and luckily I have my chikiroo, i could quickly change her while in line and not having to go and find a bathroom and lose my spot in the line! This is a product you dont think you need but once you have it, you won’t want to leave the house without it!

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Gabrielle Bulls (Ypsilanti, US)
Very useful!

Convenient and one of the best baby items I’ve come across. Thank you!

You're welcome! We're glad you find it useful. Thank you so much for your kind words! We appreciate it.


I absolutely love this product! I keep it in my trunk for on the go changing. It’s sooo easy to figure out how to use the changing pad. I currently use this for my babysitting babies but I can’t wait to use it in august for my own baby!!

That's great! We're glad to hear caregivers (such as yourself) are using Chikiroo to change babies while on the go. Thank you! And congratulations!!

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Selina Blackburn (Westminster, US)
Mom ready

With this changing table it’s taken away the anxiety of if there’s a chance I have to change my newborn in public. For my first born I would get creative if I needed to change him if we were out and about but the convenience of having a changing table that folds up and fits in a diaper bag is amazing and stress free. What a great invention

Awesome! Good to know that Chikiroo is helping make your outings with your baby less stressful. Mom (and dad) ready! Love it! Thank you ❤️

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Mariance The (Rockwall, US)
Amazing portable changing table!!

Love it! Love it! Love it! Made my life as a mom so much easier during our outing! No need to look for place to change my baby diaper anymore! Super convenient! And I love how secure the straps feel and the material of this changing table is amazing! Best investment ever!

Thank you so much!!

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Tommy Aguilar (Dallas, US)
Great product

It's so easy to carry around, light weight but sturdy. I love this product

Thank you so much Tommy! We're glad you love your Chikiroo!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this portable changing table!! Amazing product!

As mom of two, this invention couldn't come any sooner! I changed my firstborn in some questionable surface and it was so disgusting to think of it. I'm so glad I bought this amazing product for my second baby! It's super convenient for our trips! Sturdy and solid! It gives me peace of mind that I can change my baby safely and on a CLEAN surface. I love how the feel of the material as well! The pouches for diapers and wipes are perfectly placed! I LOVE this changing table!!

Thank you so much for your kind review! We LOVE that you LOVE it too! ❤️❤️❤️

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
S.T. (Los Angeles, US)
Highly recommended!

I’m so glad to have found Chikiroo! We barely got out the house for the first few months after our twins were born, but then I soon noticed not all restrooms have a changing table or a clean one even if they did. I had to change them once on a little dresser one restaurant had in a restroom. Now I bring Chikiroo whenever I’m out which gives me peace of mind. I’lll be also taking it with us when we go on an international travel in a few months. It’s easy/intuitive to use, and the design is also stylish which is a bonus!

Thank you so much! We are glad to hear that Chikiroo is helpful during your outings and travels with your twins. Have a fun and safe travel!

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station
Rich E. (Portland, US)
Best invention of 2022?

Our daughter was just born and we feel so lucky to have a Chikiroo as she grows up! We travel a lot around the PNW so the Chikiroo will really get a lot of use in our house! You can instantly tell the most high-quality materials were used and that safety was the number one priority when creating the product. It is really easy to use and intuitive to put on. Our favorite part is how sturdy and big the changing pad is. Additionally, the safety straps give that extra peace of mind knowing that our LO is safe and secure. The Chikiroo is one of the best inventions! A must have for every parent.

Thank you so much for your kind words! We worked so hard to ensure our customers receive the best quality products from us. We are happy to hear that you are satisfy with your Chikiroo. Have fun traveling the PNW with your family!