Chikiroo Instructional Videos


  • Follow all instructions in your Owner's Manual carefully!
  • Adjust all straps and harness to fit your body and baby snugly prior to first use.
  • DO NOT attempt to adjust neck straps while baby is strapped in the changing platform!
  • Always practice at home first before using it on the go.

STEP #1 - Adjust the baby safety harness

STEP #2 - Adjust the adult neck strap and waist belt

STEP #3 - Change baby with Chikiroo

STEP #4 - Fold Chikiroo for storage

NEW USER TIPS: Securing your baby to a Chikiroo

Chikiroo Demos

The following videos are real life demos of different Chikiroo use cases.

Changing newborn baby with Chikiroo

Changing older infant with Chikiroo

BABY SOOTHING TIPS: If baby is fussy or extra wiggly, after strapping your baby in you may soothe them by swaying side to side or give them their binky, or a toy like the Teetheroo Crinkle Toy to keep their mind distracted for an easier diaper change.

Stroller to Chikiroo Transition

Sling/wrap to Chikiroo transition

Baby carrier to Chikiroo transition

Is it possible to use Chikiroo while holding baby?

⚠️Chikiroo Level: EXPERT⚠️
This method allows you to ditch the heavy and bulky car seat or stroller. Wear it like a Fanny pack, grab your baby and head into a restroom without any changing table. Then open it up and change your baby. Always practice this Chikiroo expert level at home first!

Packing diaper changing supplies in a Chikiroo

Still need help?

We will be more than happy to guide you and give tips on using your Chikiroo safely and correctly. Get answers to our most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page. You can also reach us via the contact page or 💬 chat with us directly. We are here for you!