Chikiroo® Instructional Videos


  • Adjust safety harness to fit your baby snugly on a flat surface prior to first use.
  • Always change baby with Chikiroo® at home first before using it on the go.
  • When wearing, DO NOT adjust any strap to your body while baby in it! Remove the baby safely then adjust the straps.
  • Follow the steps below!

STEP #1 - Adjust the baby safety harness and change diapers at home

STEP #2 - Adjust the adult neck strap and waist belt for wearing while standing and sitting

STEP #3 - Change baby with Chikiroo® while standing or sitting down

STEP #4 - Fold Chikiroo® for storage

NEW USER TIPS: Securing a baby to Chikiroo® for a standing or sitting diaper change

The Diaper Changing Chronicles

Watch the journey of mama Alexis and her baby girl using Chikiroo® from when she was a newborn.

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