Chikiroo revolutionizes diaper changing during travel

Top 3 Reasons Chikiroo Revolutionizes Diaper Changing During Travel

FACT: Traveling With An Infant Is Stressful and Challenging

Traveling with young children can be extremely stressful, no matter the circumstances. Being outside your comfort zone can especially make diaper changes difficult. You don’t know which places will have changing stations or what to do if there isn’t one. Long car rides, flights and using other public transportation leaves in a lot of unique situations that you’ll need to figure out quickly.

We invented Chikiroo especially for these situations. Its unique ability to be attached to your waist and worn eliminates the need to find a changing station. This can happen throughout your trip - at the airport, on the plane, at the beach or really anywhere you need to use it. 

Here are the top 3 reasons Chikiroo revolutionizes diaper changing during travel or on the go.


Reason #1: Safer And More Convenient Than A Regular Changing Pad

Chikiroo is a versatile diaper changing station

Beyond wearing your Chikiroo, you can use it in place of a changing pad. With its four point harness and stiffener enforced changing surface, Chikiroo provides a safer, more comfortable diaper change. And when you’re traveling, nothing is worse than trying to locate a safe place to change diapers while dealing with a cranky baby (or kids). With Chikiroo, it's a peace of mind knowing you can watch your other kids at the same time without needing to find a public changing station. Use Chikiroo and be confident you’ll have that convenience to change your baby safely anywhere and get back to your plans. 


Reason #2: Versatile Changing Station For Any Location

When you reach your destination, maybe a hotel or family or friend’s house, you will likely still be faced with the challenge of where and how to change your baby. Chikiroo again is the solution! Not only can you use it on any surface as you would a changing pad but you can also use it on top of a dresser and convert it into a changing station.


Reason #3: Converts Into A Lightweight Bag

Chikiroo folds up into lightweight satchel bag

Chikiroo is like having your own fixed changing station, a changing pad and a changing table all inside a compact bag you can use anywhere you like. Once you're done changing your baby, it folds up compact into a lightweight and stylish satchel bag with handle and crossbody straps. The best part is? It weights only 2 lbs and can fit inside your carry-on. Brilliant!

Diaper changes while traveling are frustrating and can drastically hurt your plans, not to mention leaving you with a fussy baby. Throughout traveling, Chikiroo provides solutions to make changing your baby easier, safer and more comfortable. Rather than buying several products to solve some of the problems, get a Chikiroo and solve all of them!

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