Taming the alligator rolls while being changed with Chikiroo

The Chikiroo Way: Taming Your Baby's Alligator Rolls During Diaper Changes

Alligator Rolls Add To Diaper Change Frustration

One comment that constantly comes up whenever we post a video of someone using Chikiroo is that their baby does the dreaded "Alligator Rolls" and Chikiroo wouldn’t work for them. Our first thought was - what’s an Alligator Roll? It’s not something we heard of as parents but essentially it’s when your baby tries to do a full body roll especially when you want them to stay still long enough for a diaper change.

Now that we know what everyone was talking about, we can understand their concern. When you first see Chikiroo in action, it can be intimidating. The thought of putting a rolling baby on a changing station you’re wearing turned a lot of people off. 

Chikiroo straps baby in safely


What Parents Currently Using Chikiroo Reported Back Surprised Us!

We wanted to attack the Alligator Roll issue head on, so we started asking parents who were currently using Chikiroo if they thought it was an issue. To our surprise they reported back that not only did they not have a problem, but it was the only thing that STOPPED their baby from rolling.

With that knowledge, we wanted to explore it further. What we found was that the 4 point safety harness on a Chikiroo was the solution for PREVENTING Alligator Rolls. By securing the baby’s upper body, it kept them from rolling. After a few attempts trying to roll, the baby relaxes and becomes more comfortable than any other changing method.

Baby strapped in with Chikiroo's 4-point safety harness straps

At that point we realized that Chikiroo is the Alligator Roll killer! 🐊

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