Parents Deserve Better Than Bad Diaper Changing Options

Parents Deserve Better Than Bad Diaper Changing Options

There is no doubt that being a parent of a newborn brings all sorts of challenges

Every day brings new challenges that no parenting book, blog or class will be able to prepare you for. If you are a first time parent, this can be especially frustrating. Your first time caring for this mini-human can leave you on an emotional rollercoaster where you don’t know where to turn next.

At Chikiroo Baby we want to relieve one of the most common frustrations of parents - diaper changes, especially while out in public. Babies need to be changed frequently throughout the day and there’s not always a good solution. Chikiroo was created out of our frustration of a lack of changing stations. We believe parents deserve better than what they have to settle for when changing diapers.

Diaper change on dirty bathroom floor


The public diaper change predicament

Moms and Dads are great at doing whatever it takes to take care of their babies. But sometimes we need to take a step back and ask ourselves, don't we deserve better? Of course we can put on our capes and be super parents but should we have to?

Recently we posted a video of a mom trying to decide what the best option to change her baby’s poopy diaper when there was no changing table in the bathroom and the car would be too cold to change them in.

Mom in predicament

The responses are entirely predictable:

  1. Change them on the bathroom floor. (Gross!)
  2. Change them on your lap while sitting on the toilet.
  3. Change them on the sink.
  4. Change them in the booth you’re eating at.
  5. Turn the car after turning the car on to warm it up.
  6. Leave them in the dirty diaper until you get home.

If you're a parent, you’re familiar with these options. You’ve probably done most of them. No shame at all, we’ve done all of these because as parents, that’s what you have to do! 

Chatter in the comments focused on if it’s appropriate to change them in the booth and shaming locations who don’t provide changing tables. Or worst, recommending nasty bathroom floor. No one is really asking why there isn’t a better option. And that is the problem right there. Parents fight about the questionable solutions but don’t look for ways to bypass relying on businesses all together.

Just think about it - you're just eating a meal and you either have to go to great lengths in the bathroom or go outside to the car to change your baby. The inconvenience is significant either way but parents have been conditioned that it’s just how it should be.


Time to take back control with Chikiroo

As a parent, when do we say enough is enough and do something about it? Most parents think the only option is to push for more places to have changing tables but it is not federally mandated and many businesses do not have the budget, labor or simply care enough to install one. And it may not always a great option if they finally put one in. We created Chikiroo to provide a new answer to better change your baby in just about any situation and location!

Chikiroo wearable changing station

If you’re at a restaurant or doing an activity where there’s no changing station, Chikiroo attaches to your body, creating a changing station anywhere you can stand. A 4-point safety harness keeps your baby safe and secure on the changing surface to prevent baby from falling or rolling while being changed.


Better lap change!

Chikiroo lap change

If you’d rather change your baby on your lap, lay your Chikiroo over your legs while sitting down. Chikiroo provides you with a solid surface and a safety harness to keep your baby comfortable and safe rather than balancing them on your lap and risk having them fall to the ground.


Better than gross floor!

If you choose to change them on the sink, floor or any other flat surface in the bathroom, many of those surfaces could be wet, slippery and dirty creating a hazardous environment and increasing the fall risk for your baby.

In fact, scientists found an average of 500,000 bacterial cells, including fecal matter, per square inch on various bathroom surfaces like the floor. 🦠🤢
Those with weakened immune system, such as babies or young children, should be more cautious as they rarely wash their hands and they tend to be more orally fixated. Diseases can be easily transmitted into their bodies, comprising their already weakened immune system. 
Chikiroo keeps you from having to put your baby directly on dirty surfaces and prevents them from touching germy things.


Better car diaper changes!

Chikiroo car diaper change

And if you prefer car changes, you better bring a Chikiroo! Chikiroo’s changing surface which contains waterproof changing pad attached to a sturdy and durable stiffener board provides a barrier between your baby and the car interior which is especially important in extreme hot or cold conditions. No matter if you choose the trunk or a seat, there will likely be hazards and fall risks to deal with. Chikiroo’s features help eliminate those risks.


Enough is enough

Life is hard enough for parents, why continue to rely on changing tables and unreliable options when Chikiroo can make the diaper changing experience better and safer for both parents and babies?

Shop Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station now!

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