Chikiroo vs. Typical Diaper Changing Methods

Chikiroo vs. Typical Diaper Changing Methods

Fact: Babies need their diapers changed every two to three hours

There are many ways to change your baby’s diaper. They range from the typical convenient methods to things that you will only do out of desperation. Either way, you need to change your baby and change them frequently and that’s why we invented Chikiroo. You often have to choose options that are either dangerous or inconvenient. With Chikiroo, we focused on filling in the gaps where these other methods fall short. Let’s take a look at the shortcomings of three typical diaper changing methods.

1. Public changing tables

All parents are familiar with changing tables in public bathrooms and know they are full of issues but usually the best option when out with your baby.

Those changing stations are often positioned in two spots in the bathroom - in the handicap stall or in a high traffic area - both causing their own issues.

Much of the concern is about reliability. If a bathroom has a changing station, you don’t know what condition it will be in. Will the changing station be functional? Will the safety strap be broken? Will it be clean? Has someone been using drugs on it? These are all questions that parents are asking or really should be.

The stations are often positioned at a height that could cause harm if baby fall. Safety is often overlooked because it’s the standard for changing your baby in public but changing stations provide, at best, a waist belt that does very little to restrict your baby and often is missing or in bad condition. 

2. Changing Pads

Another mainstay of parents are the cheap changing pads that can be used in a variety of situations but often at home to change your baby during the day. These pads get the job done but are often the bare minimum. The lack of padding means that your baby will feel whatever surface you place them on. With a hard surface, the baby will often be uncomfortable, adding to the difficulty of the diaper change.

You will also find that most changing pads have no restraints whatsoever. That means that as soon as your baby is able to roll, that’s exactly what they will do when it’s time to change their diaper. And if you’ve ever had to change a squirmy baby with a full diaper, you know it’s not that much different than catching a greased pig or taming a rolling alligator.

3. At-Home Dresser Changing Stations

Many parents invest in pads or changing stations that go on top of a dresser. This is another great option for parents to use at home. These changing stations sit on top of a dresser, often specially designed to fit the changing stations. Parents often place these dressers in the nursery for easy diaper changes during the night.

With all these great qualities, there are some downfalls. The biggest problem is a lack of flexibility. You pick one place where the changing station will be and that’s where it stays. If your baby needs to be changed somewhere else in the house, you’ll need to either bring them to the changing station or find another solution. Any parent will agree that dirty diapers never happen at convenient times or places. Often the result is parents needing to buy multiple diaper changing products to cover all the different situations

Chikiroo Is The Universal Solution

Where all those other solutions fall short, Chikiroo checks all the boxes. Chikiroo combines features that allow for great flexibility of use and extended safety that will help replace all of your other diaper changing products.

When you’re out and about, Chikiroo is a great solution in almost any situation. Since it can be worn, you can attach it to your waist and change your baby anywhere you can stand.

This is especially helpful in places where there aren’t changing stations like at the beach, hiking or businesses that don’t provide one. Its versatility allows it to be used while sitting or on a flat surface. So if you prefer lap changes or car changes, you can use Chikiroo there too with the added safety of a 4-point safety harness.

At home, Chikiroo can be your go-to in all situations. Just keep your Chikiroo handy and you can use it on the floor, couch, any surface including a dresser.

Chikiroo wearable changing station

Chikiroo is the only diaper changing product you’ll need to buy and it’s the only one with a 4-point safety harness to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable!

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