Chikiroo Universal Diaper Changer

Chikiroo Turns One and Evolves Into the Universal Diaper Changer

As we hit the 1 year anniversary of initially launching, Chikiroo continues to evolve. You may know Chikiroo is the solution for when there isn’t a suitable changing station but it is so much more! 

Chikiroo can be used standing, sitting or anywhere there is a flat surface. In addition to wearing it attached to your body, Chikiroo can be used like a typical changing pad. But unlike those flimsy changing pads, Chikiroo has several features that make it safer and more comfortable for your baby. 

So what makes Chikiroo better? 

A Four-Point Safety Harness

Chikiroo's 4-point safety harness

Most changing pads have nothing to keep your baby on the changing surface. Not even a loose strap to give the illusion of safety. This allows your baby to roll all over the place especially if they’ve mastered the dreaded alligator roll. Not only does that make changing time a headache but can also be dangerous if you’re changing your baby anywhere a baby could fall off of.

Chikiroo has a four-point safety harness that attaches around your baby’s shoulders, holding them securely on the changing surface while you change their diaper. The harness not only keeps them safely on any surface but makes it nearly impossible for them to roll off of it.

Watch what happens when a squirmy baby meets Chikiroo!

Chikiroo vs “Alligator Roll” from Chikiroo Baby on Vimeo.

A Strong Yet Comfortable Changing Surface

Changing in the car

If you’ve ever bought a changing pad, your first reaction likely was that there wasn’t much to it. There is very little padding on the changing surface giving your baby little protection from the surface you change them on. There’s a good chance your baby will be uncomfortable, leading to increased restlessness and dread anytime you need to change them.

Chikiroo uses a padded changing surface that’s strong enough to hold a baby up to 30 lbs while being worn. That combination of strength and comfort allows you to change your baby on any flat surface without worrying that they’re feeling everything below them. From the back of your trunk to gravel on the ground, you can comfortably change your baby anywhere!

High Quality Materials

Chikiroo uses high quality and safe materials

Chikiroo was developed with safety and quality in mind. We use high quality materials to ensure you will receive a safe, durable changing pad that will be the only diaper changer you’ll need to buy. The typical changing pad is made to be competitive in price, not quality. You can be confident that they cut every corner to make sure they could sell you a $20 changing pad. When you buy a Chikiroo, you can be confident that we’re focused on making the best product to change your baby with rather than just getting the cheapest price.

Chikiroo multi-use

The time is now to consider all the different ways Chikiroo can improve the way you change your baby. It’s not only great for when you’re out in public and there’s no changing station but also any other place you’d use a changing pad. Chikiroo is the ONLY diaper changing product you’ll need to buy. 

Why buy several cheap changing pads and other changing products when you still end up struggling to change your baby’s diapers? Chikiroo can handle your squirmy baby and give you a clean, safe changing station when there isn’t one nearby.

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