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Chikiroo Makes Diaper Changes In The Car Easier and Safer!

Public Diaper Changes Are Frustrating For Parents

Diaper changes are frustrating for parents, especially when you are out and about. Finding a changing station in public can be difficult and often inconvenient. Chikiroo was invented to help solve that problem - allowing you to attach it to your body and change your baby anywhere you stand. But that isn’t the only way Chikiroo can help you change your baby in public.

Chikiroo being used while standing up in public


Car Diaper Changes Aren't Always Easy

Many parents choose to change their babies in their car, often in the backseat or the trunk. This is something we did often and certainly a good option. But it’s not without its own concerns. First, if you’re like us and have two little ones, we often had two car seats in the back leaving no room for diaper changes. Likewise when we’re on the go or traveling, that likely means that we’ve got a trunk full of groceries, strollers or luggages.

Packed car

In the times when there is space in the backseat or trunk, you also have to worry about your baby’s safety while changing. In the backseat, you really need to keep your eyes and hands on your baby to make sure they don’t roll off the seat. The same goes with the trunk where there might also be harmful objects near where you’re changing your baby. 


Car Changes Can Be Easier and Safer!

Whether you’re placing your baby directly on the surface or using a cheap changing pad, there’s likely nothing stopping them from rolling, especially if they’re little alligators. That’s where Chikiroo comes in! The 4-point safety harness that Chikiroo is equipped with keeps your baby exactly where you want them so that you can get that diaper changed and get on with your day.

Changing diaper in the trunk with Chikiroo

Not only does Chikiroo keep your baby safe by preventing them from rolling while being changed but it also creates a barrier from extreme conditions. Chikiroo’s strong stiffener and padded changing pad will sit between your baby and the car surface. Be it the heat of an Arizona summer or the chill of winter in South Dakota, the surface of the car can be uncomfortable or even dangerous if your baby is placed directly on it.

Chikiroo’s versatility makes it the only diaper changing product that you need to buy for your baby. It can be used as a wearable changing station anywhere you stand but also at home, the car or anywhere else you’d normally use a changing pad. Chikiroo’s quality and safety features make it far superior to the cheap changing pads that sacrifice quality for a lower price point.

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