Chikiroo has received Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice and Top Travel Awards 2023

Baby Maternity Magazine Awarded Chikiroo with 2023 Top Choice of the Year Award and Travel Product of the Year Award

The 2023 Baby Maternity Magazine Awards consisting of new moms and moms-to-be has awarded Chikiroo Baby's revolutionary product, Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station, the following two awards:


Chikiroo has received Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award 2023

Changing Station category


Chikiroo has received Baby Maternity Magazine Top Travel Award 2023

 Baby Travel Products category


The Baby Maternity Awards seals are a distinguishing mark of achievement and desirability. Chikiroo was awarded this year's top choice for changing station and the most useful baby product to help with traveling with a baby. The Chikiroo Baby team is honored and thankful to receive these awards. 

"We are proud to receive these two prestigious awards from Baby Maternity Magazine Awards. It is an honor to be chosen by parents and caregivers as this year's top choice for changing station and top baby product for traveling," says Siska Hines, CEO of Chikiroo Baby.

The Baby Maternity Magazine's Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by expectant mothers, new moms and baby caregivers—the very people who would purchase them. 

Based on the scores and comments, products are then determined to be a finalist for the Top Choice of the Year award. Only one product per category can win a Top Choice of the Year, Product of the Year, or Top Travel Product of the Year.

Some comments from the reviewers:

"With this changing station you don't have to worry about waiting for a stall in a public bathroom. It is something we will take on any vacation. I love the quality and design!"

"I would definitely recommend this Wearable Changing Station to any new parent. It's a "must have" and would make a great baby shower gift."

Read more comments from the Baby Maternity Award winner page: Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station

About Baby Maternity Magazine

Baby Maternity Magazine is a national publication that provides new moms and moms-to-be with the latest information on all things baby. Included in each issue are wonderful product reviews to help new moms decide what they need at this very exciting time of their lives. Learn more about Baby Maternity Magazine by visiting their website:

About Chikiroo Baby

Chikiroo Baby (“Cheeky Roo Baby”) is a family-owned baby gear company based in Goodyear, AZ with a mission to provide high quality, safe and innovative baby gear that celebrate and support the needs of today's modern and diverse families. They are the creator of the award-winning patented Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station. Available for purchase through and Amazon.
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