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Chikiroo Baby Unveils How They Will Forever Change How Parents Change Their Babies in Public

Chikiroo Baby announces the launch of Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station to help put an end to a problem that has plagued parents foreverthe lack of usable changing stations when their baby needs to be changed. Parents have had to settle for unsanitary, inconvenient or dangerous options. That’s why Siska Hines, the creator and founder of Chikiroo Baby, felt the need to create a better solution.

Chikiroo creator Siska HinesChikiroo Baby family

“My own frustrations with changing our daughter in public led me to look for something better,” said Siska. “After neither restroom had a changing station, desperation set in. After considering all the undesirable options, I held her on my shoulder with one arm and changed her with the other. I felt her slipping more than once and that’s when I set out to solve this problem. I first looked at the options currently available and when none were better than what I already had, I decided to create something to help all parents. That night I made the first prototype sketch and Chikiroo was born.”

Whether you are out at a park or at a restaurant that doesn’t provide a changing station, every parent can understand the frustration of not having a place to change your baby. Parents are forced to go out of their way to use their car, improvise with unsafe or unsanitary options or simply return home to change their baby’s diaper. While these options may work, parents deserve better.

A New Solution

Chikiroo is a patented wearable baby changing station that you can use to change your baby just about anywhere. It folds out into a changing platform that you wear just above your waist stabilized by a thick waist belt and a padded neck strap. A four-point safety harness holds your baby securely to the platform. Together these features keep your baby level and safe while you are changing their diaper.

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station

The Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station offers parents the diaper changing flexibility that they deserve. No longer do you need to search for the nearest diaper changing station or disrupt your plans for a dirty diaper. Just unfold and wear your Chikiroo and change your baby anywhere you’d like. It also allows you to choose where you change your baby rather than settling for where the changing stations are placed.

“We have found that Chikiroo is not only a solution for situations where changing stations aren’t available but also when the available options are unsatisfactory. Many parents don’t like using changing stations because they find them dirty, broken or in inconvenient locations!” exclaimed Siska. “With a Chikiroo you have all the control over where you change your baby as well as the safety and cleanliness of the surface.”

Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station

Safety Is Top Priority

Throughout the process of developing and perfecting Chikiroo, safety was always a focus. As parents of two girls Siska and her husband Matt know exactly how important it would be to make Chikiroo as safe as possible. “Like any baby product, we knew that parents would immediately want to see how safe it is. That’s how we were with our daughters and we expect any parent to do the same with our product,” noted Siska. “We set out to not only meet but exceed the safety standards of existing baby changing products.”

The top safety priority was to make sure that the baby would be remain safely on the changing surface. Typical fixed changing stations use a single waist strap to hold the baby in place. This was insufficient for the creators of Chikiroo. “Those straps were barely effective in restricting our squirmy babies and often were broken or missing,” said Siska. Their solution was to look towards existing baby products and utilize their safety measures. The result was a four-point harness that fits tightly around the baby’s chest and shoulders similar to what’s used in carseats and strollers. Other safety features include the specially designed stiffener that makes the changing surface sturdy yet flexible, as well as the thick waist belt and neck strap used to stabilize the surface.

Safety testing was performed to ensure that measures were effective in maintaining the safety of your baby throughout the changing process. Intertek Testing Services was contracted to perform the requested safety testing. The testing showed that Chikiroo could be safely used in babies 6 to 30 lbs (2.7 to 13.6 kg) and that the product passed all applicable safety tests. 

Chikiroo Safety Testing

Changing a baby in public is a challenge for all parents. Chikiroo Baby’s new wearable changing station is a game changer that allows parents to regain their control over public diaper changes. No longer do they need to settle for the provided options or improvise in unsafe or unsanitary ways. Chikiroo is the solution that will change how parents change diapers in public.

About Chikiroo Baby

Chikiroo Baby (“Cheeky Roo Baby”) is a family-owned baby gear company based in Goodyear, AZ with a mission to provide high quality, safe and innovative baby gear that celebrate and support the needs of today's modern and diverse families. They are the creator of the award-winning patented Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station. Currently available throughout the United States, exclusively sold through at an introductory price of $109. Also available on Amazon.

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