No one tells you about this dirty little secret when you become a parent…

The lack of public changing stations!

When you do settle for one, it's usually located inside a handicapped stall or besides a loud hand dryer or right next to a disgusting toilet that spews germs and fecal particles directly onto it. Or if there's none, parents would use unsafe and unsanitary ways (including the bathroom floor) to change their baby!

What if you can give your precious baby a better option?

Imagine having a peace of mind knowing you have a clean, convenient and portable changing station of your own for diaper changes while on the go.

Introducing the Chikiroo® Wearable Changing Station

Chikiroo® ("Cheeky Roo") is an award-winning patented wearable baby changing station you can use anywhere to change diapers. More than just a regular changing pad, it can be worn while standing or sitting or used on any flat surface.

Baby safety is our #1 priority. Chikiroo® Wearable Changing Station has passed independent safety testing and it is safe for babies up to 30 lbs when worn. Learn more about our safety testing.

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  • At home diaper changes

  • Sitting or lap changes

  • In car diaper changes

  • Chikiroo wearable changing station

    Places without changing stations

How is Chikiroo® better than the alternatives?

Public places still lack of changing stations. If you use a flimsy thin pad/mat/blanket you may be forced to use them on dangerous or dirty surfaces like a wet sink or worst the restroom floor when there's no clean and safe changing table.

Your baby deserves better!

Chikiroo® is the only diaper changing product you need that replaces undesirable methods from using those alternatives. Below are more reasons you should use the Chikiroo® instead!

  • Travel Game Changer

    Use it anywhere traveling with your family while being able to watch your other kids! It's both a life saver and game changer.

  • No More "Alligator Rolls"

    A 4-point safety harness prevents even the squirmiest baby from falling or rolling over while being changed. Brilliant!

  • Made For Dads Too

    Many men's restrooms still lack of changing tables. With Chikiroo®, dads can finally take charge of changing baby while on the go!

Still not sure?

Read what these skeptical first-timers think. (Spoilers: They were impressed!)

And hear what our Chikiroo® community is saying!

Functional and stylish!

Once done, Chikiroo® folds back up into a stylish satchel bag with handle and crossbody straps that weighs only 2 lbs. No one will know it’s for changing diapers! 😉

Get a Chikiroo® for yourself or a friend today!

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