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Clever Ways Chikiroo Transforms Your Dresser into a Changing Station

What Parents Use Most For Diaper Changing At Home

Statistically most diaper changes will happen at home especially when your baby is young. For that reason, parents are most likely to invest in a fixed diaper changing solution for their home. For many parents that is a top of the dresser changing pad or a changing pad topper. Often these use a specially designed dresser to fit the contoured changing pad and can be quite expensive.

There are a variety of products, some specifically to fit on those dressers and others be used on any dresser. The common theme between these products is that they are not very flexible. They are made for one purpose and that’s changing your baby on top of a dresser. They are not very portable and would not help with diaper changes on the go.

Changing pad topper

How Chikiroo Replaces Your Changing Pad Topper

Chikiroo can also be used on top of a dresser or any flat surface. Just like the changing pads, they provide a convenient place to change your baby at home. But unlike those products, like changing pad toppers, it is extremely flexible. Chikiroo is an excellent choice when traveling but it’s also a superior product for at-home use.

What sets Chikiroo apart from other at-home changing products is the 4-point safety harness. The harness secures the baby’s upper body, securing them on the changing surface and preventing them from rolling or falling off. Most of the other changing products either have nothing securing your baby or a loose waist belt that does little to restrict the baby’s movement.

When changing a baby on an elevated surface, safety is of the utmost importance. The added 4 point harness on Chikiroo greatly improves the safety by decreasing the risk of falls.

Chikiroo safety harness

Chikiroo Is The Only Diaper Changing Product You'll Need

Chikiroo is a universal changing product. It can be worn while standing or sitting, used on any surface as a changing pad or to transform any elevated surface into a changing station. With its enhanced safety features, it’s the only diaper changing product you need to buy. Rather than wasting money on several products that only solve one problem, buy a Chikiroo and solve all of them! 

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