Chikiroo Takes Safety To The Next Level With Safety Harness

Chikiroo Takes Safety To The Next Level With Safety Harness

Changing Stations Lack Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for new parents especially when looking at baby products. And there's a good reason for that - accidents can be especially troubling, causing serious issues possibly even long term. Companies take all kinds of precautions to make their products as safe as possible. So why do changing stations and other diaper change products have little safety precautions?

Public changing station

Bad changing station

Most changing stations in public spaces have a single belt that loosely fits around the baby’s waist providing little protection. Dresser top changing stations have a similar strap. Other diaper changing products like the cheap changing pads have nothing to restrict the baby even though they are used in areas where falls are possible and dangerous.

Redundant straps on changing pad


Why Aren't They Safer?

The reason they don’t put in better safety features may surprise you. The companies that make these products believe that if your baby is too secure, you won’t pay close enough attention to your baby. So rather than providing a secure harness, they want you to fear for your baby’s safety so that you’re forced to keep your hands and eyes on them.


Chikiroo's Safety Harness Is Game Changer

With Chikiroo, we want your baby to be as safe as possible. We went above and beyond and designed a 4-point safety harness for our baby changing product. This harness secures the baby’s upper body keeping them from rolling or falling. It is modeled after the harnesses used in car seats, strollers and high chairs.

Chikiroo 4-point safety harness

Our 4-point safety harness keeps your baby securely on the changing surface allowing it to be used in a wide variety of situations. From at home on the floor or any elevated surface to on-the-go in your car, park or beach. It’s also specially designed to be worn while standing or sitting where there is no changing table or suitable surface to use. The safety harness keeps your baby safe in all those situations and also helps prevent the dreaded alligator roll, making diaper changes easier.

Chikiroo wearable changing station

At Chikiroo Baby, we want your baby to be as safe as possible. We are not going to hold back safety features because of worries that parents will be too comfortable. Our 4-point safety harness is unique and goes above and beyond the industry standards. It will keep your baby safer while using it on the ground, on any surface or while being worn. Make your baby’s safety a priority during diaper changes with Chikiroo!

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