Changing diapers with Chikiroo at home

Chikiroo Is The Must-Have Changing Station For At Home Diaper Changes

Babies Need To Be Changed FrequentlyOften At Home

Babies need their diapers changed frequently, typically every 2 to 3 hours. That means that you need to be prepared to change them just about anywhere you might be. The most frequent place you change your baby, especially the first few months, is at home. There are many options for changing your baby at home from the most basic - changing them wherever they are to using a baby changing product on the floor or on top of a dresser.

While raising our daughters, we had a couple of those cheap changing pads that we used while traveling but at home we also had a changing station that came with our Pack N Play, a top of the dresser changing pad and a couple mats that we used on the ground for diaper changes. Each room had several options to choose from. This is very typical for parents, especially with their first baby.

Cheap pad


Chikiroo Is All You Need For At-Home Diaper Changes

Chikiroo is a flexible changing pad that can not only be used while traveling but can be extremely useful at home. Chikiroo can replace all those diaper changing products and be the only diaper changing product that you need to buy.

Chikiroo can be used to change your baby on the floor, bed or anywhere else in your home. With its strong stiffener and padded changing surface, your baby will be comfortable being changed on any surface. This means that any dresser can instantly be turned into a diaper changing station without buying custom furniture or costly changing stations.

Changing diapers with Chikiroo on the floor


Chikiroo Makes Diaper Changes Safer

Unlike the cheap portable changing pads, Chikiroo has a 4-point safety harness that keeps your baby on the changing surface. The harness keeps the baby safe from hazards on the floor and prevents them from falling if you are using it on an elevated surface. Perhaps more importantly, Chikiroo’s 4-point safety harness keeps the baby still on the changing surface - preventing them from rolling while being changed. Chikiroo will end the dreaded alligator roll!

Chikiroo 4-point safety harness being used

With Chikiroo’s handy diaper and wipe storage, you never have to go searching for supplies because they will always be within hand’s reach. When you are done, the changing pad can be removed from its sturdy base and wipe clean with damp cloth as needed. 

Chikiroo not only is a must-have for travel but is a great for changing your baby at home. It can replace several at-home changing products and be a safer and more efficient way to change your baby. And if your baby is a little escape artist when it’s diaper change time, Chikiroo is the solution!

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