Chikiroo is a Game-Changer for Lap Changers

Chikiroo is a Game-Changer for Lap Changers

"I rather change baby on my lap."

We’ve heard from a lot of lap changers. You’ve gotten used to it and it gets the job done whenever there's no changing table available. We get it, we’ve all done whatever it takes to change a diaper. But it’s uncomfortable for you and your baby and risky for their safety. 

A lap change can be difficult but some are very proud of their skills. You need to balance your baby on your lap and try to keep them from falling while doing the change.

sitting on toilet lap change

And if you’re squatting against the wall, you’re also trying to maintain your own balance.

squatting against the wall

Possible? Sure.

Easy? Absolutely not!


Why Chikiroo is such a game-changer for lap changers

With Chikiroo, those lap changes can be so much easier! When attached to your body, that baby isn’t going anywhere. Even if you are just placing the changing platform on your lap, the baby will be strapped into a 4-point safety harness that will keep them from rolling off your lap. And when it’s time to change their diaper, your diapers and wipes are within reach.

Chikiroo diaper change on lap while sitting


Diaper changes on the go can be extremely frustrating!

From bathrooms without changing tables to being somewhere with no changing station nearby, there’s a lot of reasons why parents have to choose bad options to change their babies. That’s the main reason we invented Chikiroo. It allows you to change your baby while standing just about anywhere!

Chikiroo wearable changing station

Chikiroo attaches to your waist with a wide belt and is stabilized by a padded neck strap. This makes it a wearable changing station that creates a changing surface right at your side!


Standing or sitting for diaper change?

There are times where you may not want to wear your Chikiroo standing up. Maybe you are uncomfortable standing or prefer to change your baby while sitting. Not to worry, Chikiroo can do that too!

Chikiroo can be used while sitting or squatting. You can still attach your Chikiroo to your waist and neck. This gives you that stable changing surface on your lap. 

Chikiroo while sitting

If you are sitting down, you can also use Chikiroo on your lap without attaching it to your body. Just lay the changing surface on your lap, strap your baby in and you’re ready to change your baby!

We even had parents told us switching to lap changes with Chikiroo helped make it easier and safer as their babies got bigger. So there you have it - Chikiroo is a game changer for lap changers!

How would you use your Chikiroo?

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