5 Versatile Ways to Use Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station to Change Diapers Daily

5 Versatile Ways to Use Chikiroo Wearable Changing Station to Change Diapers Daily

Chikiroo is the most versatile diaper changing product on the market!

Parents usually buy different diaper changing products such as: portable changing pads, changing topper for dresser, car change mat, etc., for changing diapers at home, on the go and traveling. Unlike most diaper changing products, Chikiroo is not limited to just one use. Here are five different ways to use the versatile Chikiroo in your daily routine.

1. Wearing While Standing

Chikiroo wearable changing station

The first way to use Chikiroo is probably the most popular - wearing it while standing. Wearing while standing is perfect for situations where there isn’t a suitable changing table nearby. This could be in businesses that don’t provide changing tables or fail to keep them in working condition.

Chikiroo attaches above your waist to provide a strong changing platform to change your baby on. A padded neck strap stabilizes the platform while in use. Chikiroo’s unique 4-point safety harness keeps your baby securely in place while being changed.

Chikiroo gives you the freedom to change your baby wherever you stand. No longer do you need to worry if businesses will have a changing station or if it’s clean and secure. With Chikiroo, you bring the changing station with you!

2. Wearing While Sitting (Lap Changes)

Chikiroo wearable changing station

Chikiroo can also be used while sitting down for a much easier and safer lap change. Anywhere you sit can be a secure changing station for your baby. Just like in standing use, you can attach it to your body and use the 4-point safety harness to keep your baby from moving while being changed. 

Some parents are more comfortable changing their baby while sitting. Often parents chose to change their baby on their lap when unable to find a changing station. Chikiroo makes this easier and safer by providing you with a flat surface to change your baby on and a safety harness to prevent them from rolling off your lap. 

3. In The Car

Chikiroo wearable changing station

Many parents choose to change their babies in their car and Chikiroo can be used there as well. No matter if you change them on one of the seats or in the trunk, Chikiroo can make the experience better.

In the car, Chikiroo can convert any uneven surface into a flat surface for comfortable diaper change. Chikiroo’s unique stiffener provides a barrier between your baby and whatever is beneath. The 4-point safety harness keeps your baby from rolling down and off the surface, like the slanted car seat, making diaper changes safer and more efficient. With obstacles like seatbelts, groceries and luggages, keeping them securely in place is especially important while also preventing dangerous falls.

4. On The Floor (Or Any Surface)

Chikiroo wearable changing station

Chikiroo can also be used just like any other changing pads including on the floor or any elevated surface like your bed. Unlike those cheap changing pads, Chikiroo uses high quality material and has features to make diaper changes easier and safer.

Many parents struggle with keeping their baby in one place while being changed. Already uncomfortable due to the dirty diaper, the babies twist their body to try and get into a more comfortable position - an act many parents call an alligator roll. Traditional changing pads do nothing to prevent these alligator rolls. Chikiroo, however, has a 4-point safety harness that secures your baby’s upper body, keeping them from twisting their body, making diaper changes easier and safer.

5. On Top of a Dresser

Chikiroo wearable changing station

At home many parents have a fixed changing station on top of a dresser that they use frequently. Chikiroo makes those stations unnecessary, because Chikiroo can make any surface into a changing station. Just lay your Chikiroo flat on top of your dresser or any elevated surface and you have a perfect spot to change your baby. Its strong stiffener and padded changing pad keeps your baby comfortable no matter the surface and the 4-point safety harness keeps your baby safer than with a dresser changing station.

The biggest advantage Chikiroo has over dresser changing stations is flexibility. Most dresser changing stations are intended for a fixed use on top of the dresser. They don’t help you change your baby anywhere but that one fixed place. And often you need to buy a dresser specially made to be a changing station. With Chikiroo, you can take your changing station wherever it’s needed. You can move it to different rooms in your house to hotel rooms to a friend’s house - really anywhere can have a changing station with Chikiroo.

Chikiroo is Universal Diaper Changer

No matter how you choose to use Chikiroo, you’re bound to have a safer, more convenient diaper changing experience. With Chikiroo’s flexibility to be used anywhere you need to change your baby’s diaper, it is the only diaper changing product you’ll need to buy and thus saving you money! We simply called it the Universal Diaper Changer!

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